Empires of EVE Andrew Groen

An amazing history book of one of the most interesting virtual worlds.

read Apr 15, 2016 review (on Goodreads)

Caliban's War James S.A. Corey

More of what made Leviathan Wakes great, but maybe a bit too much of it.

read Mar 27, 2016 review (on Goodreads)

Leviathan Wakes James S.A. Corey

The start of a fresh new epic sci-fi series (I'm only five years late!).

read Mar 22, 2016 review (on Goodreads)

The Gods Themselves Isaac Asimov

A look at Asimov's own favorite work.

read Mar 6, 2016 review (on Goodreads)

Three Kingdoms Luo Guanzhong

A riveting epic.

read Nov 10, 2015 review (on Goodreads)
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